Fourteen years
Bright eyes, skin and bones, beating hearts
And all I've got is a handful of broken pieces

And there's the emotions
Wrecking havoc on this soul of mine
Tearing it apart piece by piece

A single moment
And the butterflies in my stomach are gone
Dropping to the ground like dead weight

You can hear it now
The breaking bones, the rushing waters
Things they never taught me in anatomy

My ribs rattling with each breath I took
Spitting out all the teeth I broke
On all the lies I told

I've been breaking my bones
And puncturing my lungs
And trying to survive another day

But pain was more than shattering bones
Pain was fighting your demons
And drowning in your own tears

You can almost hear it
And my lungs are ripping
Because I can't even breathe

Fourteen years
And I've learned all these things
They never taught me in anatomy


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