Hope for Family


Today, I savor the absence of fighting.

At six years old, I would peek out my door at night,

Mom's crying in the corner, Dad's pacing back and forth,

Both of them, at last, silent.

So I went back to bed, and pretend I hadn't seen.


Things got worse. Mom started sleeping in a different room than dad.

“Mom, why don’t you sleep in bed next to daddy?”

“I can’t sleep when daddy snores so loud.”

I would laugh as a kid, "Ha, his snore is SO loud."

Then I found out the real reason behind mom and dad’s two bedrooms:

They would soon live under two roofs. 


They never explained what divorce was

They never sat me down and force me to talk about it.

It went like, one day my dad moved out and I moved with him,

“But not for long” he said, “you’ll be back here tomorrow.”

Age helped me understand, but understanding didn’t make it easier

The divorce forced me to choose a parent,

Suffer ridicule of my mom from my dad and vice versa.

After the divorce, my parents communication ceased.

I would dread when they did talk, or fight I should say,

Everytime they fought I would remember before.


I became my parent’s messenger.

“Mom, I need a new backpack, can we go shopping?”

“Ask your dad, he never buys you anything.”

Tried to get back at each other when the only one hurting was me.


Your job as a parent is to make your kids life great,

Not keep them down and afraid.

I know as a parent I won't make these mistakes

I'll give my kid's a family;

Something I never knew.



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