The Voice

I have a curtain in my life,

One I cannot deny.

If I pull this curtain back,

My life I would defy.

Behind this curtain lies a voice

That desperately longs to be heard,

But if I let this voice cry out,

My life would be disturbed.

This special voice is quiet,

Yet often pestering me,

By reminding me of who I was,

And not who I choose to be.

This little voice is but a note,

In my whole life’s song,

But when a note is wrongly played,

The song comes out all wrong.

This little voice could command,

My current reputation.

It knows all of my darkest secrets,

Passions, and temptations.

The more I think about this voice,

The more it overpowers me.

So now I must put back the curtain,

To where it was meant to be.


I am a Poet

I wrote this poem in responce to the prompt for the Slam Behind the Curtain. I hope you enjoy.

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