First Love


I love the way it wakes me.
It helps me rise up and start my day.
The way it refreshes my mind helps keep me open-minded.
It is my first love.

My first love brings me infinite joy.
It keeps a smile on my face.
It makes me have a sense of tranquility within myself.
It has never let me down even when everyone else did.
This thing is my first love.

My first love knows what I'm feeling.
It knows when I'm feeling sad, angry, happy, and even lonely.
It continues to uplift and inspire me everyday.
It is my heart, my soul, my everything.
This amazing thing has always been my first love.

My first love is the most amazing thing ever heard.
Its melodies gives even the most sinister person a sense of joy.
It rings in hearts of many but not has much as it rings in mine.
Nothing can take its place in my life.
It will always uplift me.
It will forever be my first love.

Music, my very first love.


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