Undefinable, not indescribable

Reyna is an undefinable person
Every characteristic of hers contradicts the other
She's smart, yet so foolish 
She's friendly, yet so anti-social
She's strong, yet so weak
She walks through life with such grace,
But life seems to always be kicking her in the face 
Reyna puts on a show like she's little Orphan Annie, if she put on a red wig saying that the sun was coming out, the resemblance would be uncanny 
People don't know that she cries at night 
She's constantly thinking about the loss of her mother when her father tells her to sleep tight
The struggle she goes through is not everyone's business 
Not every R.I.P. needs to be addressed on a Instagram photo or Facebook status
Hiding who she is on the inside, helps her to maintain her positive attitude 
It's those people that find out and say " Reyna I'm sorry for the loss of your..." That make her lose sight of what's really right 
Then she wonders what the point of an education is, her mom won't get to see her graduate 
She then reaches an epiphany where she realizes that being unsuccessful is not her fate 
When this is over the cycle starts all over again 
She hides behind the same curtain of cowardice that seems so very comforting to her 
She swims in an ocean of isolation to keep anyone from seeing her true form 
Reyna, that girl behind the curtain was almost revealed by Toto 
She was smarter than the wizard in that way 
He may have sent Dorothy on a life risking journey 
But Reyna sends mixed signals to the people she sees on a daily basis 
She stays confined to a positive energy when she's around others 
But when she's alone, she lets it go
Too many a time it's happened,
 It's now a continuous flow
Maybe Reyna is as much a coward as the wizard, or maybe she's an even bigger one 
She's facing battles that she may not want everyone to know 
But that doesn't make her any less of a person 
At the end of the day , the wizard was able to continue his life 
But what about Reyna ? 
She's been behind that curtain long enough 
Maybe because she fears rest of the her life may be tough
Once she escapes the beautiful darkness that comes from that curtain 
She will get to be whole again 


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