We See You

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 21:52 -- sbrew24

Her Jupiter eyes,

Hold so many wonders,

With so many questions

What is hidden inside?


She skips through the dark

As nobody sees,

She giggles with laughter

As she burns quite a spark.


An unearthly elation

Always hidden and covered,

Because nobody knew

The glee from creation.


It lights up the milky-way

And it enters our souls

And all our sorrows,

Flee, running, away.


With such a brilliant mind

And a beautiful heart,

Everyone knows

She is one of a kind.


Through meteor skies,

She glides in the wind

The saucers so bright,

As the stars, are her eyes.


I wish we could tell her

That she is a force

A woman of iron

Of that we are sure.


She is ever so strong

Despite all of the struggle,

And now we will know

How special her song.


She sings for her ears

And that is just fine

For her voice is of angels

And brings joyful tears


Her spark is a light

A beacon of joy

Something we look too

As it burns so bright


Perhaps we don’t express

How much we see in you,

And for that we are sorry

But you are the best.


A woman

Of who we are proud,

A friend among all

Our love for her, so loud.



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