In My Opinion

We open our eyes to a light present to us every day, yet forget why we truly need it.

We breathe in puffs of air, yet we are unable to realize it's true essence.

Notice the pattern.


If I am to reveal what I am, will I be seen as just another object in this life?

By opening myself up to such unknown beings in my society, will I risk what I truly treasure within myself?

This is hardly fair.


I wish not to play such a dangerous game.

If I am to roll the dice in revealing what abilitites I posses, whose to say the world will accept me?

For only a moment at most I am recognized, praised even

only to be dipped in toxin once I grow of no use.


I say this as my greatest fear.

To reveal oneself and then left to a state in which your treasure is no more.


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