Shoes and Dress

When you think about yourself,

and who you really are,

do you picture someone in the shadows,

or a blinding bright star?

But who you really are

is completely up to you,

because everybody has

their own point of view.

You could spend your lif

trying to impress.

You could fake al the money,

the shoes and the dress-

people everyday

carry out their lives,

hiding behind their dress,

wearing a disguise.

You could look at me

and see what you want,

but is it the real me,

or is it just a front?

You see people in the halls,

or out on the street,

and you put up an image

the first time that you meet.

But is that really

who you want to be?

Living a lie,

not your destiny?

I choose to live as myself,

for this is the real me;

a proud human being

is what you will see.

Do not get me wrong,

I once wore the dress too,

for I wanted to fit

the "perfect dress code" view.

But I have shed my layers,

for they were too heavy to wear,

and while some look at me diffrent,

I do not care.

For the most important person

for you to impress

is yourself while NOT wearing

the shoes and the dress.





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