Fake it

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 18:13 -- meow_22


Don’t let them in,

don’t let them see,

keep them all at arms’ length.






We live in a society

where hating ourselves

is less acceptable

then hating others.

I cannot be who I truly am.

I cannot be me.

For being me




Being suicidal

is seen as being a quitter.

Being depressed

is seen as being weak.

Crying is pathetic.

Panic attacks are stupid.

Showing emotion?

Forget it.

If you are not in sports,

on a club board,

actively participating in school events,

and have below an acceptable GPA,

you have no chance.

No future.

Because you don’t have enough.

You’re lacking.

Almost there,

but not quite.

“Do it for the vine?”

More like “do it for the college app.”

Always do it for the college app.

Make sure your essays are perfect.

Because they don’t want to hear you,

they don’t care about how you,


overcame your depression by yourself.

Stopped suicidal thoughts by yourself.

They don’t care

how you went above and beyond to take care of yourself.

They want to know if you fit the mold.

The predetermined form.

If your essay is the same clone of everyone else.

If your grades are just like everyone else.

They will judge you

based of what is on the outside.

The inside, the inside isn’t cared about.

It is all about appearance.

Society doesn’t give a damn

if you beat your personal demons.

We are not looked farther then our appearance and our resume.


Keep it in.

Keep yourself safe.

Fake the smile,

because no one cares

if you can’t breathe.

If you look the part and act the part,

you get the part.

Society doesn’t care how you feel.

Society doesn’t have time for the non 1%.

You have to perfect.

You have to be enough.

For yourself.

because you will be the only one who loves you





Need to talk?

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