Hiding The Light In The Midst of Darkness


Throughout lifes seasons I have gone from a gangster, loner, drug user, finally to a christian. I have

always searched for the meaning of life. Now that I'm in college I naturally want to hang out with

everyone and have friends. I don't though. I hide behind behind this mask of being a super busy person.

It's sad because I don't have anything in common with the world. Even worse I might

get distracted and get involved into sin if I get too close to people. I always act ''chill'' but deep inside

I avoid hanging out at all cost and come up with excuse like ''been there done that bro''. Now days

inside I really want to be bold and stand up for my beleif, but, it comes with the cost of humility.

Even worse my teachers might not like me as a person and judge me and give me bad grades.

We all know its about who you know not what you know in the real world.

Its been rough these past few years but I will persevere. I need to throw off my mask and not be

ashamed of who I am and come out from behind the curtains. After all I have to share the light. "A city

that is set on a hill cannot be hidden".


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