10. Ten times I've texted you because maybe after ten lines you'll reply. Not paragraph lines, either.

9. Nine times you've called to tell me you miss and me and it's my fault. It's not, either.

8. Eight times you've missed me but it's not worth the rehab. Maybe it's not, either.

7. Seven times you told me you were at work.

6. Six of those seven times you were at the bar.

5. Five, five, five, five, five you've repeated yourself five times.

4. Four times you didn't show up to my games or my party or my dinners. I didn't really want you there, either.

3. Three times you've threatened to run or leave. But you haven't really been around to miss, either.

2. Two times I've offered help only to be turned down. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped, either.

1. One day this curtian will rise and I will no longer hide. I will not let this addcition be my fault, either.

0. I will not add to the statistic. I will not give up. I will not give in. And I will not fail, either. 


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