Everyday is her masquerade ball

and the world is her dance floor.

She enters the party with a mask of deceit.

She seduces them with words and motions.

She dances with strangers

She dances with pursuers

She dances with contenders

Their bodies move in unison

to the song of the night.


Under her façade of glitter and gold

is the truth that she keeps untold.

If one takes the time to look close,

they can peer into the secrets of her soul .

Some glance for a second,

others for a minute.

She doesn’t let them gaze for too long.

“Look away,” she tells herself.

“They mustn’t get too close.”


One night, a handsome prince came to the ball.

She couldn’t helped but be mesmerized

His charming smile

His gentle hazel eyes

His sweet sounding voice

“Miss, can I have this dance?”

She was startled.

But she took his hand

and began their dance.


He couldn’t help but be intrigued by her.

She was an enigma

The longer they danced

the closer he held her.

She loved the feeling of his arms around her

He pulled her towards his chest

Her heart was racing

He whispered into her ear,

“You’re beautiful.”

She pulled away.

He tried to chase her.

She ran off and never looked back.


She stopped when she reached the garden

and took off the mask.

Tears were running down her cheeks.

“I can’t get too close, never again.”

She crossed her boundaries.

She wasn’t ready. 


Three years ago

her world was shattered.

Three years since

the dance with the love of her life

abruptly ended.

For two years,

she hid behind a curtain.

She was weak and alone.

Her world was empty and meaningless.

She couldn’t stand the thought

of a world without him.


When she returned to their dance floor,

she put on a mask

and danced with caution.

She didn’t dare to get too close

and have her heart torn once again.

Her mask covers the pain and heartache.

Dancing for her was never the same. 


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