I am


I am not a piece of meat for you to devoure

But I may tease you just to satisfy myself

I am a woman

I am not wearing tight clothing just to here the cat calling

But I may smile to myself to now I am wanted

I am a woman

I am not doing my hair to live up to the qoute unqoute image of what a woman looks like

But let me use this to my adavantage

I am a woman

I am insecurity 

But you would never know because 

The way I talk

The way I walk'They way I smile at your hideous jokes

The way my collar bones move when my shoulder shrugsin my dismay

I am a woman

but only I can reffere to myself as such because not only that 

I am a human being 

A human being who does not want to be looked at as the weaker sex

Inferior to those who call themselves society and "man"

Knowing woman, the "she's just a girl", the sexy mama, the single mothers

the striper, the girl at the corner, the sugar baby, the daughters of young fathers, 

the unborn daughter of a chineses mother, the daughter forced to marry, 

the ones who only know how to "lay on their backs", 

the nine months of pain.

We are as strong, determined, driven, stressed as any other "man" 

We are woman 

We are human beings 

And this is who I am 


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