I Loved You.


When we met i didn't know i was gonna fall for you like i did.

You weren't my type. You was just a friend ,you was just a date but you ended up becoming more.

We were just friends until that one dance.

You were there for me when i needed you the most.

We cried together.

We laughed together.

We had our ups and downs.

I loved you.

We broke up got back together many if times.

You were my everything.

My life was you.

I loved you.

I was in love with you.

I did everything to keep you by my side.

I wanted to stay by your side till the end.

We talked about kids,marriage, our future.

When u became a senior i knew we weren't going to be able to hang out and go places.

I thought we were gonna stay together.

I loved you.

Show people they were wrong.

But when u broke up with me a month after we made a year .

I knew we weren't going to last...

I use to love hearing your name now  it makes my stomach feel twisted in knots.

We use to stay up to 3 am talking now we can't even hold a conversation.
I loved you.


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