You Are Not Your Demons

Guzzle Guzzle drip crash

On my face I feel a splash

The sound comes from the bedroom door

My tears, liker her bottle, fall to the floor


I know what has happened, I have no more doubt

I open the door to find her passed out.

My head fills with screams,

I hate her like this!

I mourn for the figure that I've come to miss




I open my eyes, remembering those days.

She's still the same, but I've changed my ways.

My family has grown closer and I have grown stronger.

The past is the past I can't wait any longer.


I've let it all go, it's so liberating!

And if she gets sober that's great!

I'll be waiting


Though that time is NOT now, and I have dreams to achieve.

I success will be great, it's time to believe.


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