No More

I've stumbled upon unfamiliar territory,

a stranger in an unfamiliar land.

Foreigner, I guess I am


Who are these people staring into my soul?

Reading the secrets I swore would stay untold


Out of place

That's exactly how I feel

Like I've just awakened from my fantasies

and now I'm desperately - frantically

struggling to face reality!


Rock bottom,

I can't go any lower.

Clock stopping,

time can't go any slower.

Stop watching,

the show was long over.


So then why am I center stage

putting on a show?

Staring at facade of my own face in the front row.

Who am I trying to impress?

Because even I don't know


No More!

I want no more!

I'm letting the curtains down.

I want out...




We often try to impress others for reasons even we don't konw. It feels so much better to let the curtain down, walk off the stage and be completely YOURSELF! Yes?


Oh yes preach yes it so much freedom to not get weight down by a image or what people think but be able to stand tall as yourself .Yes very well said !! I enjoyed your poems i would love to read more so continue to write because you have the talent to change the world .

Check out my work when you get a chance thank you so very much 



Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement. I will definitely check yours out :) 


Wow very good! I like the tone of this poem. It really captured my attention from the first line. 

Beautiful ^_^ 


Thank you!


I like how when I read this it comes across as almost a rap. Very impressive keep writing :)


Thank you! It was how I felt at the moment and it just flowed...

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