The One

I am the wandering one

Walking in crop fields 

Listening to the wind 

I am the little child

Singing along the slough's edge

Dancing gaily beside wild daisies 

I am the listless mind

Treading hallways silently

Searching for ways to be alone 

 I am the nonconformist 

Who learned to walk proudly

Against the streaming crowd

I am the young woman

In love with past and future

Mindlessly traveling to dreamt havens 

I am the individual 

Who is known by few

And truly loved by fewer 

I am the lady

Whom a young man will call, "Wife"

Rejoicing together in our union

I am the old-timer

Who will watch the grandchildren play

Recalling a time long gone

I am not who you think I am

I have many sides, many angles

But only one core


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