Behind My Curtain

All along, throughout my life, I have followed a piece of advice.

"Be brave, be smart, and have a kind heart"

Something my dad created to make me sophisticated.


It is an inspiration

Something of my dad's creation.


I am shy inside, but no one can tell

I fear some things I try to hide.


But, I know that deep down inside,

I hold a lot of pride.


I fear that I'm not good enough,

So I try and try when times get rough.


I have fears of my own biological mom,

Who kind of set my heart with a bomb.


It is sad, and I may be mad,

But I have moved on.

I stay strong,

And learn from the things that she did wrong.


I am shy to the outer world,

But I show them I can fly.


I can reach so high to fulfill my dreams,

And make it past the little schemes.


I try my best to teach younger souls

That it is important to chase down our goals.


It is then that I see what I truly hold.


I have determination to help our nation.

I have courage to hide the fears that fill me inside.


And I am certain that that describes me behind my curtain. 





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