Be the ONE


Words --

Looks --

Society --

Fear --

Pain --

Insecurities --

Peers --

Rejections --

There are infinite reasons of why we do not show our true selves.

I never grasped my courage or confidence enough to just ignore what others say.

All those listed above truly do hurt

and people will always be hurtful.

There are no ways for us change what they do,

but there are ways for us to change how we view everything else.

Helping others starts with helping yourself. 

One cannot simply help others if we're broken ourselves.

We have to be the stronger one and overlook all these obstacles. 

All it takes is that one person to change your views and then you'll be golden.

Be the one to help others stand on their own.

Be the one to help others understand what's truly important.

Be the one to change. 

Use those exact words, looks, society, fear, pain, insecurities, peers, and rejections

to sharpen yourself into someone better and stronger. 

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. 

Those exact things will make who you are today, 

so make it into something you look up to. 


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