my life


Alright its a celebration clap clap bravo, give it up to the people thats living life like a model, cought up in this life emotionless its just all bottled, nothing was was the same the game changed it brangs pain, so I try to maintain my sanity, the best of me is yet to come, put me in the game ive been out for way to long, in my mind thats what im saying locked up in a box who would of thought I would of made it a kid with a life of pain and disappointments look into my eyes youll see why I had to wrote this poem creative writing is what the call it to me its a stress reliever people thank they know but they don't the shit you been through, my personality is nun more but another side of life that you never seen dont judge ah book by its cover read it first you might learn something the my mind set up im always happy through better or worse happiness is all I see if you really want to know take the time just talk to me passing you by im a lil shy im sorry but you just cought my eye that smile and laugh makes a mad mans day ya walk ya talk goddammit you beautiful anyway back to what I was say I was just thinking about you crossing my mind everyday you know who you are to but back to to what I was saying im wired in my own way I can care less about what u say


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