How I Hide

You want to see a mask?
Want to know the curtain I'm hiding behind?
I'm sorry to say, there is none to take away.
Nothing of me to reveal, nothing else to see.
The person in front of you, the only one you know, IS the real me.
Nothing special, new, or grand.
Just a girl, lost and swimming around in life without a plan.
True, sometimes I'm sadder than I lead on to be,
but aren't we all like that at some point in life? In the day?
The person within me, is the same person you see externally.
Just, possibly, a bit more filled with light.
There is no mask, just this gracious face of mine.
There is no curtain, just two hands to hold my blushing cheeks,
because ever word that I type or speak, is from my heart, true and complete.
You can see right through me, I don't mind. But it still embarrasses me.
Don't call me cute! I can be cruel! I can pinch you!
It doesn't hurt? Yeah right. You flinched. Be quiet you!!
Who I am is what you see.
No change, no other things. 
I am truely complete.


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