What they see and what I see

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 14:44 -- jvggray


Hiding behind curtains seems to never be workin’

Sometimes outsiders try to find you and they manage to burn through

However what we see and what they see varies,

They may see hard work

We may see godmother like fairies

Every person hides behind something

But hiding behind nothing will stop the daily hurting

Our creator gave us all a separate and unique body, mind and soul

So is it a crime to express

Unfortunately that is not what we are told

You may be surprised when I say no when they tell me to follow one path

But I am not afraid

I am willing to endure their god like wrath

I know that my Body, mind and soul are not the same

But each has a common aim

To express and open my mind

And this will most certainly end my dreadful pain 


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