We sore we fly, we fly into the future, present, and past.

As a baby is born new, smooth, and warm

the time comes to when they will be old, cold, and torn.


We tend to change reality, and the nature of the human soul

It's the flow... Something that disinigrates every good love,

and care that have been built by the saints that cannot 

rule this world.


Disagreement causes war, peace is destroyed for the poor,

the rich try to create their world. Destroying the flow destroys 

the earth, becoming what wasn't your calling ends your wolrd.


We are blissfully ignorant of this world

enjoying what we don't know, knowing nothing of what we know.

We take pleasure, and our stupidity to cause something different,

against the flow, agigtating it like nails in the floor. 


So soon this world will come to an end once and for all


with nothing the flow will be settled and still,

the flow... Your world 






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