A Soldier's Fight

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 11:16 -- GBNAP35

My alarm goes off too soon

I hit the snooze button to put life on hold for a few more minutes

I get out of bed, start the coffee, get dressed

I already dread the day ahead

A day filled with meaningless tasks and mundane meetings

I miss the purpose I had down range

Leading my platoon into the unknown

Driving for hours never knowing what lay ahead

Depending on my teammates to bring me home

Praying with all my strength that God would take me instead

What is my purpose?  What is my place in this world?

I ask myself everyday and never find an answer

There has to be more than this

There has to be a bigger purpose than this

I talk to my family and wish I could be home

My grandfather is dying and I can’t be there to see him go

Why am I doing this? What is the purpose in this?

They said that I would love it; that I would make my family proud

But all I feel is that I have let them down

I am a Soldier, I have to keep on fighting

But when will the fighting stop?

It’s supposed to be easier at home, but it’s not

What is my purpose?  What is my place in this world?

I pray that I will find out before it’s too late


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