Music is a curse. 


Music is a curse.


Those found lost in it's vastness are never truelly there; just a shell.  A skin covered arrangment of perfect originality.


Music fuses with the soul, leeches from the brain, and replaces the heart.


It's the perfect juxtaposition of madness and genious.


Music is a curse.


But that curse is the faintest light in a cave of silence.


A light that sparks, turning to an ember; then that ember meets the fumes of gas collecting in the cave: resulting in an Earth wrattling explosion that catches your clothes leaving you burning on the ground.


Burning, yet, at peace.  Not feeling any pain.


All you feel is the magic surrounding your body.  The magic of music.


The fiery magic of music.


You didn't ask for this, but you were chosen.  Given the back-handed gift of musicality.  Given the key to a world of serenity, or anxiety, or whatever you want it to be.


Music allows it's listeners, no it's patients to escape.  To hide in plain sight, to escape this life and compose psychological symphonies, to say whatever you want with or without beingunderstood.


Music is not a hobby.


Music is not a leisure activity.


Music is an entity, a living breathing thing.  Music is alive and it bends and shifts, contorting into nameless shapes, exploding with undescribable color.  It is an omnipotent figure that changes color and texture abducting musicians from this mediocre world.


Well, this world isn't completely mediocre.


It holds every note ever played as well as every note yet to be played, even the illigitimet ones.


And everyday these notes string together to sing undescribable melodies.


The bass-line of the dishwasher under the smooth four on the floor from the dryer topped with therocking buzz of the refrigerator.


Those simple songs in the key of life are what inspire and create the musical martyr.


The soon to be cursed.


The ones that will learn to be tough by withstanding the middle school bullies, and pushing through afternoons of lonliness, day after day after day...


The ones that will be pushed past the point of breaking for the entertainment of others. Giving perfect advice they could never follow.


beacuse of their one true love: Music.


People can try to understand, but they can't.


They don't feel the ruthless fire of passion, pushing and pushing and pushing...


Accept it,


The days of wondering, "Why", are over.


You were given a curse, a beautiful, beautiful curse!


A curse that leaves you smiling from curiousity, even when surrounded by judgement,


But you don't care!


You don't care because no one knows the amazing things your hearing!


So keep Smiling!


Embrace the curse, bittersweet and silky smooth.


You are a life saver.


To the broken-hearted highschool girl looking for acceptance,

To the struggling father who lost his job and can't live with the fact that he can't support his family,

To the young couple across the hall trying to mend a crumbling relationship,

or even,

or even the lonely young musician just praying for the approval of his parents..


...and he is still wondering: Why


Why he was given this,...this, this curse.


Why is music a curse? 


Why is music my curse?


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