I'm scared to say my name is Destiny


My name is Destiny


I was a believer in great things before you came inside my life

You told me to do this; you told me to do that

somthing I did not even understand.

I was scared; I was fearful.

Trying to find little bits, of pride inside my sole,

but then you took me away from my mama and my daddy.

You were my pimp I was your hoe. When I first

started hitting those streets, there was a SUV pulling up in front of me.

He told me to get in, ten minutes later. I came back sore, blood coming down my face

bruises on my arms, pain between my legs. This is called sex trafficking, and I was only eight.

I was a believer before then; I was confident back then; and I was never stressed or gray in my head.

I wanted to see my mama and my daddy again. I just wanted someone to help me, hold me, tell me they love me, but they didn't the only thing they said was

"open your legs!"

I'm still on these streets.

Are you going to help me?



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