There are few that know the real me, 

only few took time to seek,

I'm more than just my book cover, 

if they'd only take a peek. 

Outside I can seem timid, 

sometimes quiet, meek, or shy, 

but once you get to know me,

you'll see there's more that meets the eye. 

I'll admit, I'm very guarded,

distrustful because of my past,

I'm fearful to make relationships,

afraid that they'll never last.

I'm wound up very tightly, 

and my walls, they still stand tall, 

but if I keep hiding behind this curtain,

no one will ever know me at all. 

I'm fading into the shadows,

and something must be done, 

I don't want to live my life this way, 

its time to step out into the sun. 

And I'm building up my confidence, 

to show more and to reveal, 

No longer will I bottle up myself,

no more will I conceal. 













My Slam Behind the Curtain Scholarship submission 

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