The Apple is Just Like Me


Looking on the outside,the shiny red color

that glows in the sunlight,

and portray endless possibilities

Just a second after I discovered something,

on the inside

the perfectness diminishes in the sunlight.


The inside is the completely different,

dark brown, and soft.

What was suppose to show perfection

is no longer there.

The inside is the completely different.

How can this perfect red apple be so perfect

on the outside,

and then on the inside it is no longer there.

Why should we judge other by their outside,

when their inside could be telling

a different story.

A story that people hide behind

that no one can

know the truth.

So before you a bite of the perfect, shiny apple

you should look on the  

inside first!



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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