The Boulevard of Broken Rainbows

I can paint with all the colors of the wind

Even as they turn against and break me from within

Nevertheless I pick up the paint brush and make pretty pictures that

Everyone can smile with

As a tormented artist

My heart is cut with the jagged glass from my own art

 I tried to smile and cover up the rainbow of tears

That leads to my empty gold pot

My worldly treasure

That I can only hold as sand grains

 Vainly trying to keep it together

As they weather my hands

And as these nubs become sandpaper

I try to mold my work

But end up creating little pieces of glass

That only continuously prick my fingers.

A grin forms on the paper that is my face

And I marvel in the mirror

At the pretty picture I created

But truth slaps me in the face

Yet helps remind me to remember my place

They say that God is the head of all creation

HE is the artist

And I am not to try to take his place.

Even as the waterfalls rush from the painting

No cleaner do I emerge

Just heavier

Weighed down with the eternal question

To give in or push out

I let the emotions of life fester internally

And wait for the day I break

Leaving the world to wonder

What could I have done to save the pretty flower from destruction?

Truth be told, I scream inside reaching for all the hands I rejected

With a petite little smile

Asking them what’s been bugging them for awhile

As the bugs devour what’s left of my will power

I cower

Wondering if telling someone would be

Selfish or selfless

Doesn’t matter anyway

All the people hear are complaints

But all I hear are the stains that mar my white garment

It’s all the same.

I want to be heard

I want to be helped

But no pretty picture needs to heard

Just seen

As the pretty pretty prom queen.

Yeah right.

But finally I scream out loud but never too proudly

My glass is broken in

Too… many pieces and all the colors they spew

And they run out of order

All the chaos I feel comes to an end

I reach to a friend and glance in their eyes.


Look at all the pretty colors… look at the pretty painting. 


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