gravity pulling down, blends with my salty tears and i clutch the part of my chest where my heart used to beat

I scream at the wind, calling your name as you seem to fade away, and i drown in the tears because of the fate you succumb to.
fall harder as the clouds grow darker and the wind beats my neck
my voice is carried away and the pain brings me to my knees
I see every moment of your life flash by, every beautiful moment, every laugh and every imperfection, all gone too soon.
Raindrops fall harder and i reach out for you, but these raindrops are holding me down.I can't take the pain and i want to give up, let me be where you are, don't leave me alone.
Then, these raindrops stand still and my sobbing fades as footsteps patter behind me. Before i can turn, i feel your small arms around me, and as you pull me close, you whisper in my ear
Raindrops will fall and the winds will lose control, but everything is OK
your immature words that break my heart as your touch disappears and the raindrops fall again

a new hope found, flying upward into the heavens, gone forever but not for eternity.
And when the rain stops, I stand knowing we will see each other again


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