He tore it

He tore all of it.

One by one the petals fell to earth in a spiraling frenzy...

Pleading with mercy they waved silently through the air

Answering no calls of the sweet innocence, his spiked boot plunged to the ground like a dagger

through the once beautiful petals of a rose.

He thought he had won

He believed he was victorious..

For when he detached his venomous claws...

It was dead...

He chuckled at his triumph and began to walk away

Forthwith his shadow had dissolved into the air

The murkiness of the night had lifted...

The aspiration of a new dawn danced jubilantly with the winds consuming it...

And finally the king of all stars rose into the sky greeting the birds pleasantly in warmth and love

All was at peace... in perfect harmony.. as it should be

However something odd transpired that morn

For when the rays of the fire ball pounced on the dead rose, leaves began to sprout

Tinted petals of all shades and shapes began to form...

Oh, how he thought he had won

He believed he was victorious...

Out bloomed an Ocean Blue Tulip; glistening brighter than the rivers of the land

Out came a daring warrior, strong enough to fight a man

How he thought he had won he really did

But faith had saved this poor fragile plant.

Peace, love, and great tranquility

The Ocean Blue tulip is me..

Life will throw its all at me...

But I will always have the victory..



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