When we were younger we looked at masks as beautiful ordornments, not realizing as we awed at the creative mind behind the maker that we too would wear a metaphorical mask when we grew up. 

It was all too similar to Shel Silverstein's poem about masks.. As we searched frantically for someone else who was like US when all seven billion people in the world share one characteristic, Humanity. 

As if the definition of humanity was enough for us to be the same

As if the constant writhing emotions that scream humanity and seperate us from the beasts on this earth aren't enough for us to relate to our neighbor

But that didn't stop us for covering are soul and are heart, for we would rather douse concrete over both and protect them with barbed wire then let another mere breath tatter the seams

Insanity explains the extremes we go to, in order to achieve ACCEPTANCE (acceptance)

The word that seemed forever on our minds through most of our school years, but why?

As if we needed another human being to tell us we were meant for this world..

Acceptance.. you drove us all to madness as if life didn't have enough sorrow in it to drive us insane

We had to let our mind go down with it, allowing our own thoughts and emotions to cover up the pieces of ourselves that make us Whole

We though that if we covered the brilliant hues of the original pictures that made us.. well Us that we would be found more enticing

Eventually a piece of the viel tore and someone saw a piece of the heaven underneath

scared, we patched up the veil

We watched in pure horror as those who saw that little piece of light coming through the seams of the patch ignited the veil in flames

In a mad disaray we struggled to pick up the pieces but our friends just watched in confusion

knowing that we were more beautifuly perfect as our natural selfs

and so eventually we learned to live without the veil

and we became human once again, letting our emotions fled about us, knowing there was someone out there who felt the same way


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