Everything is Alright

This is a dark world we live in, 

you can't seem to be weak.

That even goes for little waifs

of young women like me.

So when my sister looks at me


with her looking glass eyes, 

and asks me The Question,

I croon out a lie:


"Everything will be alright."

I want to be scared. 

I want to be pissed.

I don't want to believe 

people are living like this.

But when my boyfriend 


asks me, 

 "Hey, what's on your mind?"

I smile and kiss him- 

"Nothin' baby, I'm fine."

And I hide behind

that curtain of false

self confidence,

and only peek through

when I'm all by myself.


They don't need this right now, 

to know what I think-

that this whole world needs saving,

all of these people and me.

I am just




A wreck 

But when my sister,

with her mess of blonde hair

and blue looking glass eyes

asks me The Question:

"Sissy are you crying?"

I pull her close and and answer:

"Of course not my love-

Everything is Alright."


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