Who Are We?



Everyone has a curtain

Because of this curtain no one knows who you are

No one knows who you truely are

Not even you

Curtains hide things

They hide the real you

They hide the real me

They hide eveything we have to offer because you let it

Don't let that curtain hide your spirit

Your true personality 

Your true feelings

Your true YOU

Come from BEhind the curtain


Your TRUE self from behind the curtain

If we never remove this curtain in front of us 

We are left to ask ourselves

Who Are We?

Who is this person that hides

This person that keeps other people from noticing the real me

Who Am I? 

Who am I to keep the world from knowing me?

From knowing the real me


Behind the curtains is were we want to be but...

In front of the curtain is where we need to be




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