This isn't me


I am more than just my name.

My name does not matter.

The person who owns my name matters.

I matter.

To whom?

To whom do I matter?

I matter to the world.

We all do.

I am opinionated.

Seems like no-one can hear me.

When does my conviction matter?

When it is used as your own?

I choose to be silent.


Everyone is capable of kindness.

I am kind.

I give kindness to the world.

The world does not do the same.

I am not kind.


Positivity is light.

I am light.

I light up the darkness.

Darkness is negativity.

Negativity swallows me.

I dim.

I burnout.

I am darkness.


I love.

I am not loved.

I am cold- hearted.

I do not love.


I am anomaly.

I go left.

I am the only one.

I am the production of a cold generation.

I wear my mask five days a week.

8:30 -3:35

I put on my mask.

I become like everyone else.

I do not love.

I am darkness.

I am silent.

I go right.

After hours.

I take off my mask.

I am loud.

I am kind.

I am light.

I am anomaly.

I am afraid.

I am afraid to be myself.

I am afraid to show the world.

I am afraid to show the world that I can make a difference.


I live in a generation that everyone must go right.

I live in a generation that going left is frowned on.

I live in a generation that no-one cares about making a difference.

My reflection is staring at me.

I look empty.

I know who I am so why is my reflection someone I do not recognize. 


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