Turbulent Waters and Masks to Hide


The true me 

Shelters in a wall of smoke, mirrors, and smiles

A few mirrors are cracked and the bricks are crumbling down

But it’s a wall that extends beyond the points of the crown

It extends beyond sight for many miles and miles

It’s my home and my peace from the dangerous Nile


The true me

Has her flaws, faults, and falls

But nobody’s perfect, not even perfect porcelain dolls

So I keep my mask on 

To make my decisions seem 

Just a little less wrong

Than taking a barrel to Niagara Falls


What keeps me from removing my mask?

The waters of society are turbulent and black

I prefer not to drown, to take a dry track

So I’ll stay out of the currents and I’ll keep my mask on

So nobody can drag me to the bottom, away from the sun



I hide the real me

Because It’s easier than showing 

All of the doubt and anger my mind has been stowing

I have no tolerance for mindless games

For the balancing act of high school fame


I hide the real me

 Because I know I can see

Who deserves to take off my mask

And get to know me for me


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