I Am

I am me

I am not her

I am not him

I am not them

I am not a stereotype

I am not a fad

I am me


Do not tell me to keep quiet

I will speak up

Do not tell me to stand back

I will step forward

Stop me from accomplishing my goals

I would like to see you try

I am me


Playing dumb may gain popularity

But I am smart

Acting small may keep me from getting hurt

But I want to be big

Hiding myself may be what the world wants

But I refuse to do so

I am me


They say I cannot change the world

They say one person does not matter

They want to bring me down

They want to hide my strengths

They do not care about individuals

They do not want to lend a hand

I am me


I promise to break out of the crowd

I promise to stand up

I promise to be my best self

I will not sit back

I will not watch others be pushed aside

I will be the change I want to see

I am me


That is enough



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