Slam Behind the Curtain


Look in the mirror, and what do you see, but an intelligent young girl with integrity

The outside exterior, all dressed in spendor, able to communicate with different worlds, instinctively

Raised with strict values from over overbearing parents,

But it is the Christian discipline, that counters undesirable actions

Always seeking achievement, and working hard to attain goals, seldom among others that I view to model as a role

African-American and accepted in all groups, different races, from different places, I rarely demonstrate my honest perpetrations

I am blue in a sea of greens, blending in, and reflecting what i see, but never to the extreme

No real close friends to call my own, only those that come and go without a connection to stay along

Why do I wear this mask, that allows me safe passage to and fro, that doesnt inflict conflict of judgmental blows

Am I a people pleaser that chooses to lay low, to avoid conflict and exposure of what I show, afraid that i will not be respected for my ideals and my principles

No one knows that i am haunted by thoughts of being alone, for if you look behind the curatin, what you might find, is not a self-assured person but one that is emotionally blind

Unable to be loved, or to love because of the times, where people are defiling and obscuring their dignity and effecting the sublime

Where will I be several years down the line, alone with my career, my hopes and dreams, and my sobriety

I must apply myself and find my place, where I am respected for my taste

No more fear from standing my ground, of being and individual that doesnt care about the crown

No more desire to fit in the group, only my passion to find my suit

My spade, a diamond, and my heart; a club that is diverse in thought

The wonderers and tinkers of society, that seek to preseve old fashioned views of unity

That can stand for purpose and fight the desire to fit in; and ambiguity

Clear cut and bold, removed from the shadow and behold

The inspired dreamer, leader, of life's new warrior, the kind of soldier that fights for life's order


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