Maiden With a Mask

I am a maiden,

Tall and strong.

I am outgoing,

but it all feels wrong.


I wear a mask,

and i feel ashamed,

to have the whole world

try and make me feel tamed.


I want to fit in,

its sad but the truth is that we all do.

So i lose my  self,

and become a person who is not true.


I am a maiden,

considered fair without makeup,

but yet society tells me,

without it, my status will breakup.


I wear a mask,

as brightly colored as the day,

just to fit in,

with societys unnatural way.


Yes, I know it is wrong,

to hide behind a mask,

when my true self is dying,

to stop doing this everyday task.


I want to fit in,

but im scared they will not accept me,

scared to death that my true self is not worthy.

Please society, just hear my humble plea.


I am a maiden with a mask,

desperately trying to fit in,

With a question that haunts me,

will i ever be able to reveal my true skin?



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