Pill after pill after pill after pill

why do i have to take these pills i take them everyday

ADHD doesn't seem like a medical problem to i get to be me

full of and energy and ready to go and i still have self control

when im on this pill im not able to be me i don't wann talk to nobody and i can barely eat and sleep

everybody that know me know i like to eat

this medicine has a control over i don't like it i am out going person making everybody laugh i just can't keep still that how i last

i want to be and set free

but i stay taking these pills because not everyone approves of me most like me better when im on the pill and others dont

my parents make me take the pill even when i dont want to

this pill makes me feel depressed and a loner

i want to toss them out and be goner

i am cheerful and hyper and stay on the go but this is when i'm around people i know a lot of other people see as annoying an and doing the most

so this pill is my curtain this is not what i choose

hidden is me i just want to break free


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