My color for years has been gray,

Whenever I showed my true colors poeple would stray away, 

They dont realize my enthusiasm was my raw ambition, 

Although their opinions sting its their ammunition,

I've been shot down so many times I forget how to stand,

So I cover my face in shame and formed a new plan,

Walk around like everyone else just to be accepted, 

While the burning artist inside is scared to be rejected,

Time after time I look in mirror, 

But see an empty soul and its quite clear,

That without the use of my talent I have erected a mask,

Leaving me weak like I was at the end of a flask,

Even though outside everything is looking bleak,

I still gather my energy reserves from what makes me unique,

A bright future with dazzling colors is what I seek, 

And drop these illusions having me rowing down shits creek,


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