Breaking Boundaries


When I was 6 years old,

my hand would soar to the clouds,

beaconing an answer to every question.

My teacher’s praises would help me fly,

while others took aim and with a BANG,

shot me from the sky.

They would tease me about being smart.

You see, they thought stupidity made

a person anything but a freak.


On a daily basis I would be tormented, teased,

made fun of because the glasses

I wore were a window to my soul.

A window that showed who I was.

A girl who desires education over destruction,

intelligence over ignorance,

achievements over abatement.

Who I was isnt even close to who they were.

They believed in crowds and armies of robots -

Moving as one, saying the same,

and not stepping out of their boundaries.


As time went on, their unending bullets

brought me to the ground where I stayed.

I changed my looks, changed my actions, changed my life,

In order to fit in with their standards.

I became a robot,

one of them only to fit in.

I answered wrong when called upon,

I dropped my grades and wore a smile that

masked my true identity.

I became a clown,

making fun of every action of those around me

who refused to change for the crowd hungry children.


I told myself not to think, not to care, not to shrink

back into the slot I called me.

I hid my true identity behind the mask I placed over my face.

However, when I got to a quiet place,

where I knew no one could see me,

I removed the torment from my body and reveal to the air

around me, my true identity.


A girl who dreams of flying high up in the sky,

shooting for stars and dreaming of becoming a scholar.

My mind is full of ideas and life changing inventions.

But those around me influence my decisions.

I show them a side of me that doesn't even exist.

A side that was created by the minds of an abyss.

I desired to attend colleges and create a life outside of these boundaries.

But when I brought my thoughts in front of the jury,

they convicted me of conspiracy.


I decided not to let their hands hold mine down anymore.

I took a step off the cliff, spread my wings, and soared.

The curtain that consumed my body once before.

That deprived me of air and held me too hard,

fell from my sides and plummeted to the ground.

I was released from their grasp.

I flew and flew till I couldn't imagine of going any higher,

unlocking the sleeping lion inside of my soul.

I showed the world my true identity.

A girl who doesn't only dream anymore, but achieves.



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