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Thing always seem to get hard right before the miracles occur, And sometimes it is easier to wish for things to go back to how they once were.
These work weeks add up quickly and another year flies by as if my time committed treason, and as soon as I say hi I say by to every weekend, am I evolving or dissolving, if a digital check is my only reason, I know bills run on cycles and holiday
Work if it is not done with that sense of mission that purpose of helping others around us, are then the
We exert ourselves at work beyond the established laws of nature. As I go in everyday to work, I can't help feeling that their expectations of me are the same of a soldier in combat.
Every art movement has become home decor, even abstract expressionism, which in it's beginning had life. This is the only way the public could make sense of it, as something to fill space, otherwise not much else.
The artist was powerless under Stalin well I am glad that wasn't me being sent to the forced labor camps But though there isn't a dictatorship in america. Life fights with me, trying to dry up
Time, order, politeness, civility are all their little despotisms Scheduling becomes overscheduling Work degenerates into overwork Being respectful leads to automatism All forms of organization
It's so funny how it seems like everytime I tell you that I am doing something, you are suddenly doing it too, But the only difference is that everytime you start something, you never seem to see it through.
  Perhaps this was the way it was always supposed to be Me at the bottom, the very last ladder rung and everyone else looming above scrambling in that
Of Course We’re IGNORED... !!! Those Whose Art Is RAW... !!! When It Comes To Views That DEFINE The TRUTH... About How It Is When You’re One Who THINKS... And Has DARK SKIN And Does NOT RESTRICT...
Why does it always seem like it is one step forward and ten steps back? It makes me sit and wonder, what are the skills that I seem to lack? Deep down I know that this is what I want and that my life can be improved,
"DON'T HOPE" Do not hope for anythang you desire; rather work for everythang you aspire. Do not hope when you aren't doing anythang, only hope when you're working, go get. And fortune smile on you. #c9_fm
Ya Know ... It’s On The Rise ... ANGRY Vibes ... !!! Because of The Crimes of Modern Times ...
I wanted to read but my mind was at work Listing all of the things it had seen, felt, and heard There were days void of hope, there were nights spent in tears Over all my love, dope, had costed me through the years
Confined in these lines, how much movement is mine How much deviance is permissible without going too far as to be  Unacceptable  Unaddressable  Unprofessional 
Now I Be Putting In Work When It Comes To My Verse... But UNLIKE THE CRIPS... My Bullets Are WORDS... !!! So Require NO HEARSE... !!! Because They’re Well Observed To Leave A Fool SERVED... !!!
Now When It Comes To MY VERSE... I’ve Been Putting In Work For A LONG TIME Now... !!! UNLIKE These JERKS Whose Verse Deserves... To Walk With A Hearse And Be Left UNDERGROUND... !!! Because It’s DEAD... !!!
TIME Time is the fastest vehicle to any destination if handled properly. It's the quickest means to greatness. #c9_fm
I'm NOT ONE To Shirk When It Comes To Work... !!! But See That Some JERKS Like To Run DUMB Words... !?!?! Like...
I am Cheif Oduduwa. I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power. I can change the course of your destiny.
Is it stupid to believe that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to? Do some people feel like that no matter how hard you work they may never come true?
I'm writing a poem cause I don't want to work. My project is due soon, there's twelve hours left.  But quarantine's getting to me, I'm going berserk. Stuck in my home here, I'm feeling bereft.
Morning dew upon nature's distant ground. Concrete beast, the city wakes to contemptuously shake the night's embrace.The alarm unleashes its cruel cold shriekBleary-eyed he obeysThe musical score repeats a moronic beat.---Silently he rises duty-bo
I'm feeling trapped inside. Nowhere to go Nowhere to hide. They say we must abide by the rules. Does this mean we are all trapped too?  Soon I'll slowly start to crack.
“Work, work, work. Work to achieve what I didn’t.  You can be great. Work, work, work”.   All of my life my mom has told me to work. Don’t settle like she did.
I sit in my chair,There's a lot of work,I get up from there,Let me do some more talk, There are many bills to pay,Wasting lives to save,Solid foundations to lay,A younger generation to train. I say, there's more than enough time,I've got the whole
Well Nowadays … It Seems To Be Getting To … Quite A FEW … !!!!! Well Actually There Are Multitudes … Now Taking ABUSE From Those Who CLEARLY RULE The Roost … !!!
The air is cold, but not cold enough for snow Not yet My heart is broken, but not broken enough for tears Not yet You thought you defeated me, but I’m not defeated enough to let you win Not yet
smiling is hard i'm empty inside  falling apart   cry out for help  it couldn't heal my heart  too quiet outside   no one sees the pain she's just exaggerating  idle
They're ... TRYING IT ... They're Playing TRICKS ... !!! They're Doing Things To Make Me QUIT ... !!! "Your role will change,we'll re-arrange, your work schedule, and change your day !"
My Works ... Poli - TRICKING ... !!!!! They're Tactics Are SICKENING ... !!! They're Using Their Power ... To Make People ... "cower" ... !!! It's ALL ABOUT This ... The Usual OLD Tricks ...
Let Me Tell You Something ... !!! My Nerves Are Near .... .... COMBUSTION .... !!!!! Cos' These Days People .... Seem To Think it's Cool ... To PUSH My Buttons ... ?!?
I'm Being ... ABUSED ... !!! I'm Being ... ACCUSED ... !!! These Days I Feel Cheated ... Because I'm MISTREATED .... !!!!! My Job Is A PAIN ... !!! It's A STRAIN On My Brain ... !!!
Redundancy Is ... A Horrible Thing ... !!! But ... Who Are The Ones ... ? That Most FEEL THE STING ... ?!? THOSE Who CONTROL .... The Employment ... " Bullring " ... ?!?
Maaaannnn ... I don't give a fuck ... !!! People these days Like to ... Pass The Buck ... !!! Problems now appear cos' most live in fear ! but fears not my problem my position is clear !
Hospital Operator How Can I Help You I need One Moment to talk to my friends. How Do You Spell That? I need One Moment to stop feeling
White snow But then, what other color is it? No, white fluffy lamb's wool Soft Oh Cotton White cotton They say it is the color of beauty Which means our brown fingers Picking it
You do not need a second job My mother used to say But ma I’ve got this mouth to feed And bills I’ve got to pay.      Isn’t one enough for you To land you on your feet?
When sleepless nights became a habit The days I woke up tired  When trick stopped working, counting white rabbits  The day I was first hired  In this world there’s nothing but greed 
The Shift: The Strain of Duty The perfection of childhood. The blossoming of flowers, The lush, green grass, The mild warmth of the sun.
I work days away. I save, play, and have to say what I want, and when.  
Too much on your plate?   How did this happen? Can’t you give it back? That was a bit careless Next time turn your back   Can’t you delegate? Do you overcommit?
Nuts and bolts, Clamps and scraps of metal, Tools, joints, gloves, oil.   What are you making?   Screws, nails, chains,
I lived three years on a dusty trundle bed, In a small room. A lock on the window.   I would cry myself into dreams shroud in dust.
Why don`t you think about it?   Your future, the biggest fear You will have to one way or other Does it scare you? Of all things you still have to do? Why don`t you think about it?  
In the dead of night I close my eyes But cannot keep these thoughts outside I hear it scratching at my door And moaning from beneath the floor  
I stumble home, inordinately tired -- Spent, drained, and reeling. This weary mind flitters through topics But has the capacity to linger on nothing. Reluctantly, I've given up working,
The onyx of my eye confesses on this page:soft and torn with a leaking edge,My breath sinks into creamy lines:a fusion of cursive, print,and shallows of wine,My lashes accumulate dust
My coach is someone who cares Someone who works hard, despite his gray hairs During the tough times or the relaxed days I always strive to hear his praise The praise of a coach is not easily earned
Pulling 12-hour days and taking extra shifts is so worth is at the end of the month when I visit my sister and her baby boy; when I'm able to help out. Even just a little because Daddy's losing his job
Work rhymes with jerk. Work also rhymes with berserk. It is the strangest coincidence that a mind going berserk and acting like a jerk are both products of work.
This rat race, it’s one bad place Where I can’t breathe and I can’t see Struggling on my knees for this piece of cheese. The world? Oh, it’s watching, see? And coming after me on this treadmill
“Science [is] a harsh mistress, and in a pecuniary point of view but poorly rewarding those who devote themselves to her service.” --Humphry Davy You may hurt me -- I don't mind. Torture me for an eternity,
How is this supposed to feel? After so many days of stress, Rest hardly feels real. It's something I can't assess. I feel like a sphere. Each task causes me to compress,
Dear Mom,   As your fingertips lingered on my arm, I felt the chill of struggle strike my bone. Your hair draped across my face, and brought me back to your past.
Something in my gut tells me to just run away, move on and find someone less difficult but then a spark of hope ignites in my heart and says
I wish they knew how it feels to be me. I wish I could cry for help, fall to the ground and… I wish they knew that award ceremonies are lose-lose situations
Dear Person,  Through my pleasant voiceAnd smile so bland,I'm desperately hoping That you might understand.
Real hard work It comes with a price You lose friends or you lose your mind It's waking up at 5 am Going out and starting your day  long before the other side of the world goes to bed for the night
Dear School, I love you, let me tell you. I must make that crystal clear. But things have to change now as we begin a new year.   You can't just ignore my questions
To all the people who are forced to work rather than live: Stress is the side effect of life squanderously spent; Of undue labor, toil, and strife; Why do we demand so much sweat in this life?
Black shoes click into the sterile office. The sound bounces off the walls and scatters around the room like rubber balls. I hear her before I see her. She sounds dark, official.
Dear 15-year-old Bellla, College is rad. College is bomb. I am having the time of my life at Arizona State. Why did I have to wait? My classes are going very well. My friends are swell.
Articles Of faith, confession, then communion. Luminous, telepatic, and wise, i'm never gonna die. This intuitive power is rising me higher. There's crystal clear vision, ain't no such thing as division.
Trudge through the mud and the rain. No rest for the weary No rest from the pain Lights and the shadows play tricks on my brain And my heart is strained against a Thick rusted chain.
I walked below The neon lights. Dark sky flashed against the green of slavery. I puffed a cigar My jeans have holes My shoes are split like pistachios With my black socks
The last of the warriors in me died today. They put up a good fight against fear, hate, and depression. But they threw their hands up in defeat today and the captain hung himself.
I charge Through the night Like a buffalo child. There is darkness in my eyes And my hope, It's a flickering light. As if it were a candle Disappearing into whispy Smoke
I wish I could write, About something interesting. I wish my mind could write out, All it's witnessing. I wish and wish a lot of shit. Dish it out, one by one. Done with this world, done with feeling.
Once upon a time, there lived a fairy godmother. She spent her whole life granting wishes to unfortunate girls. She would hear their pleas alwyas at night, keeping her up, fufilling their wishes one by one.
About to clock into work. These shoes are digging into my feet. They are black, with elastic straps to tighten them. I walk to the punch clock. I reach out to touch the keys.
    Come give me your thoughts The toad ordered the flies Then promptly threw a sticky tongue To the bold that ventured nigh  
The world spun as I drove into the sunrise. Past the the piercing dot of orange light, Ants drove around in their cars going nowhere Doing nothing for no one. I watched the sun rise over the ants on the right.
You feel it. The itching in your soul. You don't want to go. But for some reason you have to.   They said so. The teachers and politicians. They said you have to go.
o say, can you see the walls rising to isolate us? by the light of missiles and violence. the problems will turn to ash, ash, ash. poisoning ash, killing our earth. what so proudly we hailed as a great change for America.
You can wish All you want But that won’t Make it so.  
College. Death. Sheer dropoff, cliff A black abyss Never return, no one's ever come back Disappeared, never heard from again Move on, other people What a gift you'll be to some
Chug-a, chug-a, chug-a, chug You fall behind, you're out of luck. Brute mechanisms all in place to stay on track & win the race, They work in time and go in sync so you'll go far, or so you think.
Eyes burnt and veins red, By 3am dreams of life are dead, Is that a trumpet I hear? The sound of the end, freedom from despair, Take me to thee, take me please, This pain hunts me, I’m under attack
We have nothing to say But we can sure sound cute My generation has got a brand new pair of boots And we're not taking em off
every day, wake up early. every day, eat a tiny breakfast. everyday, leave for work. Sometimes late. Sometimes early. Never happy about it.  Get home mope.
In a year A veil is lifted A wound is deepened, dragging We stitch pigs in science and
I am not the same girl I was yesterday.      There are so many events that have paved the way.
From left to right and back again they swing: The golden disks, the pendulums depended. Indifferent to those who onward tread, They click in perfect time, in time unending.
This past yearI went from living in fearOf where is my next mealTo getting a job Between school and workI work seventy hours a weekSometimes I wake up weakAnd I sleepIn class
Everyday I woke, I worked, all day to day, no change.The broken record called "My Life", was simply played away.Routine will grind your smallest bones of vigor into naught,and as day and day pass away you'll find your heart has stopped.For me, for
Shoveling driveways, my ligaments at risk of a deep freeze, I earn my worth.Saving money, temptations of Pinterest, I earn my worth.Studying units, sleep deprivation clawing at the backs of my eyelids, I earn my worth.Building a GPA, drowning in a
The bright light of a new beginning,  Crawling turns into walking,  Running to the playground grinning, 
Recently, applying for scholarships have become a blur. The number one question I get is  What are you personal and educational goals? To me, stating my personal and educations goals seperately
Happiness is the blood line for life life is body and soul once alligned then refined working all your life isn't a task but a mask, of how people precieve you may you recieve wellness, not hate
Part 1: Time to work Times were tough And if you made money it was never enough Sometimes you did bad things Most times you did right
Coming home  from  a long shift When I step out the car Collete already near Walking toward the chair my feet hurt I take a sip of water My comfort cannot be quench Only my furry friend Collete
5- Wake up, Start The Show 7- Get Up, Get Ready, Start Class 5-  Pull Lines, Feel the Flow. 
A'int rattling no coins, I'm workin', I'm on my way. Not on display like some toddler,  Gon' make someone proud today.   Dancin' in the fire like a greedy moth, I'll take the heat, I'll eat the flame, 
     What's in a degree for you and me, Time well spent or time merely lost? How high a fee, how great a cost! What's the reward? What can we be?      We strive to be the bosses of our selves,
I was just another kid, bright eyed, the world was mine, till I found out, it was all a lie, not one person gives hand outs, no ones your friends, you work so hard, but you still pretend
The work will not cease It swirls and swells around me Consuming my life
Can this just be the present    That everyday is    Even with a nemesis   Or without even saying    Wanting the same Even if it's in different shades   Or different context 
Day after day  You start thinking about what you have done You are exhausted And you wonder when is it all going to stop You work And work
after work I sit on a pillow and meditate   before school I sit on a pillow and meditate  
It's crisp and clear on a wonderful day I wanna take a step outside and play The weatherman says its just the right temperature I could go chill and relax all my worries away Shoot! I forgot I had to work today
Am I failing?  I'm probably failing. Did I pass? Will you look for me? No wait don't look. I'm not ready. Are you sure? Should I go talk to her? Did you say I got an A?
The children are dyingand their mothers are crying.The kid took a bullet through his headright over his bed becausehe dreaded waking upto go to school in the morning.The teachers are scorning the kids
So many stresses, Day after day after day! It makes my head hurt!   The pain in my head Can feel like a volcano Filling me with dread!
I am a river working hard always moving changing everything around me, while accepting change, myself. Sometimes I am calm sometimes I am restless. No matter, for I am a river.
The words of people have this cruel effect of getting under our skin, applied on the outside they are allowed to soak through. With the power to both heal and hurt they race through our blood,
"Truly I should be working, no?" Whispered the little student "Surly this is what’s right" She fretted in her mind "But why should I do it? Why? oh why? oh why? Why is it such a stress?
Do well in elementary To get good high school classes To get the good teachers To get a good GPA To get into a good college With a good major To get a good job To get a good career
Imperfection. That means flawed.  Doing all that you can day in and day out, living the struggle.   They see you trying, they don't see you crying when you are staying up late after work.
I've done everything  that you wanted me to do.  I broke my hands  just like you.  I can no longer walk  but I earned my pay. Congrats Mother  you had your way. 
School is back again this year, time to get your act in gear.
This old house is alone Dark and damp Where there used to be sunshine Now is gloom   There are a lot of rooms Plenty of places to hide But you hear nor see any children Just the quiet
A 5 year sentence of bad luck I didnt know my life could run such a muck from my cancer to the loss of my father i started to wonder... Should I even bother. I tried to stay positive for I knew better
My life is full of glaring screens, And I should possibly know what they mean?
Go to pre-k to socialize Go to kindergarten to alphabetize Finish grade school to add, read, and write Start junior high to divide, swallow history, and accept the map
Stupendously surreptitiousInnuendo on the rocks.Deliciously denigrated,Drunken with the fox.Imbibed and steeped like Earl Grey,Steaming under the white collarOf studio-excellent executivism.
He saw the cloudsand took his umbrellaon his sleepy carousel liferound and roundup and downeighty floors highto eradicate his stack of papersbefore his noon expedition
Ten minutes is ticking. Can't find the time losing such minutes. Close to such hours I wait patiently, for my moment to shine. I ask myself when will that be?
Like the sidewalk flower, We develop from difficulties. Struggling through cement, We learn our lessons.   Like the sidewalk flower, We overcome our obstacles. Battling through bricks,
My fingers
I get up  at 5 in the morning for 5 days and 1 day I have to be out the door by 1. On the Seventh day God allowed Himself to rest from his labors But I am not so lucky. Family is dear and preious to me
All I want to be Is the girl on a magazine, But she isn’t real. All I want to be Is that girl all the boys see, But I know her body is that way naturally. I don’t hate me But I want to change me.
Oh my sweet boy I have some cacophonous words for you  You are Not the boss  and maybe you would see that  but you are too far up his ass  It must be very dark because it's obvious you can't see 
I'm gunna make it baby, yeah I'm determined to 
At 6am, I'm miserable. Time to get out of bed, move my behind, Clock in for $7.25 at the daily grind, Eight hours for this is fucking criminal.   At noon, I'm finally awake.
When I’m at school I’m always wearing a mask I keep quiet, do my work, and always the first to class I’m very punctual I student I show up almost every day
Fantasy Surreal, Whimsical Frollicing, Flying, Dreaming Fun all day and all play, No fun and all work
The world is surrounded with thing of a dream. The stars are all shining; look at them gleam! Though things might get harder, we can still sing. Let us live for our new day so we can live in Beauty!  
For several years I was stuck in a rut It was time for a change, so I trusted my gut I was doing the same thing for many years It was time to step out, time to face my fears  
The room is too warm My palms are sweatty He paces, glancing at the pages. Time is running out I read fast but nothing sticks in my mind. I can't remember the answeres. He glances my way and i flinch.
When you wake up in the morning, and you have to go to work But you were up late last night writing, and your fingers really hurt You work at a local deli, cutting and slicing bread
Camera lights flashing,  hundreds of people clapping. I did it; WE did it. The smiles, the laughs. The friendships that will always last. How did I get so lucky? Stepping onto that mat;
Its that time again, back to the grind. Its the era of work, nothing left to unwind
My head hurts. My bag is heavy. I feel it pull my shoulders down to my aching feet; To the ground. My back, oh my back. The brisk wind slaps me. My bones ache. My body stiff against the attack.
Optimists think this is the best possible world, While pessimists fear it's true. The greatest pleasure in life, Is doing what people say you cannot do. No one is perfect. That's why pencils have erasers.
The time we spend with ourselves when living in a community full of so much. The money we try to save towards spending on the next new thing. The work we put into not working at all
I don't think that I can see it as well as other people You can do it again and again for centuries Checking my work My new job Making costumes Doing makeup The only thing that can make me happy
  Negative thoughts Leading to Emotional distraught Making appearances that only seemed to be of neglect Heartbroken to realize that people will never see you prosper Your hard work neglected
Well this is quite a surprise. I've never been asked this inquiry before.
Word after word
im being asked what makes me tick? being a single mom of one a college student a part worker being an intern at 25? no none of those things makes me tick it makes me grow
I miss being a kid when life was fun Now all I am is on the run   Trying to hustle and work to come up with that tuition money
Inspiration What is inspiration but a fanny pack full of hammy down quotes from people no different than you or I.  Or is it indifference that allows one to be different.  "Haters gnna hate!" 
Does anybody up in here have a story to tell or is it just me  You know me growing up being the lawyer that I want to be or me growing up being another menace to society
For years my thoughts were silent Trapped in the matrix of my mind The only resolve, a pen on paper Hoping to leave my past behind. Having no idea how to share myself With the people surrounding me
You threw me away like a grain of sand,  Carried astray by the winds at hand. All for what?  Your own self-righteous gain; Hopes that you've preserved your precious treasures of today?
I've realixed that when it comes to life, everything and everyone in it has an imperfection. A slight misunderstanding that the universe as a whole compels to call a fatal flaw that keeps life at its best, from perfection.
Going into college; was a new begining. I was scared yet nervous Anything was possible.   Nothing turned out, the way I pictured it. Everything was different.
I wake up in the morning. It's six o'clock and I'm yourning. I get up out my sheets trying to scavenge something to eat then I gotta brush my teeth. since i ain't in a rush I wait for the bus
I am not soft like porcelain I am all sharp edges and corners I am endlessly rough.
The Sky
The fids are screaming for breakfast I can do that There’s homework still to do I can do that Need to finish next months’ budget I can do that Wait, still need to clean the loo I can do that
Life is something i find myself thinking, yet i don't have much of an inkling, of what i might really be thinking. My thoughts sway and shift, dwell and jump, yet never stop. Life is a universe,
The alarm sounds every morning at 4:30 I look outside but see nothing because it's still dark As I prepare for another day at the job I loath I question why I spend my precious time doing what I hate.
I have awoken From the slumber that has Trapped the billions. Enlightened - by chance - Seeing what they do not, Feeling what they ought to,
Everyone has dreams to make it for their familes get of the hood to live good well some people was born into this world with a sliver spoon in their mouth
If you ask me what makes me tick then I'd have to tell you I don't tick, I tock And if you aserted I was to pick I'd simpy laugh and decide not   If you asked me to fall in line
You're going to leave a mark on this earth,  Weather it's on your tombstone  Or your way of living!
The flames molest me
My heart, my mind and my soul It's hurting me to even let this show. Giving up was never an option for me but obstacles in my way wouldn't  allow me to see.
I'm beautiful because I know it. im beautiful because I don't have to flaunt it. I'm beautiful because someone doesn't have to tell me.
Understand that life has changes New chapters come, we are forced to turn like pages Some of us we are ageless but overcame by pain and sorrow we ask ourselves "How can we change this?"
My footsteps are a snare drum, beating with every step I take. Violins hum when I open my eyes. And when I look at you, a blare of tumpets make me joyfully deaf So all I can see is you In all your simple beauty.
When i was young, they all thought i was going to succeed Always compared, whenever my sisters were there All of the pressure that caused me to bleed Once i failed, i knew it was too good to be true
Who are you? No but seriously, who? You think you know me but you really don't. You should get off your high horse but i know you won't. I can't take a step without your watchful eye;
Her skin cold as ice-- Her eyes, black, empty of life; Her poor soul still screams.
What's that thing walking down the hall looking like a plastic Barbie doll everything about her is completely fake That's looking on the outside in that's looking on the outside in of the Gossip Queen
We love to hate but hate to love everyday i watch girls cover their face with make-up we pour ourselves into our jeans  trying to fit the mold of what we think we should be
We love to hate but hate to love everyday i watch girls cover their face with make-up we pour ourselves into our jeans  trying to fit the mold of what we think we should be
I stare at myself in the mirror,  And the image looking back at me is one that is disappointing,  I look in the mirror and the body that appears infront of me,  does not match my mind.  
We all strive to be such a thing,Beautiful. But we look in the mirror, We study our image, It becomes more flawed, We are eaten alive by our desire, beauty.  
Sometimes I wake up and I wonder is it alright to be this “me”?  
There is no peace There is no joy Only darkness The blood stains the walls
Be loud. Be confident. Whats better than being so predominate? Be free, carefree. Try risks bigger than the sea. Be bold. Be kind. Mark the times you thought you would never find.
  Abused Never More Never look into your eyes, don't talk to anyone, stay at home at all times,
Seven Billion people. With over 200,000 births every day. How are we supposed to know who we will be?
Concrete shells dig into my fleshas your teeth gnaws at my neck –hungry, vehement, absent.
Hate This disgusted feeling  For another human being So wicked For a man who didn't mean a damn thing If you want love honey, go love yourself But instead you chose to spread your legs
Is blue, blue? Or do you see a different hue? Do we all see a different color known by one name? Or do we all see just the same?   How can you say blue is blue, When she see's green too?
Adrenaline pumps as a worry wart scurries, preparing the utter but cruel fate of the "real" world.  Tick tock, a race against the clock, call me White Rabbit as I tend to fret for the minute feelings in a myriad of ways.
Today is the day I must perform I wake up in the morning and look outside The sun's out. Does that mean I'll be good or-- Will the opposite occur?  Its time to go... I drive past homes and stores,
How can things be so difficult one minute, but then dissolve into something so pure? How do people look over the beauty of mistakes and only focus on the bad and evil perspectives?
These things really do happen. We're told our whole lives that if we dream it, we can make it happen Stick with that sport, hobbie, job or talent and it will eventually happen
At some point there comes a time where we have the talk with our parents The talk about success and at some point we all choose to digress
And I stare As you stand there But you don't see What I can be.   We are here But I do fear You will never know What I want to show.   My feelings for you
A pretty smile With creativity And discipline You have yet to see me A person with sensibility Coaxed in concentration and diligence You have yet to see me Natural born talent
We all wish we could start over;Go back in time and begin anew.Try as we may, we just cannot.This we know, but regret to believe.Everyone wants one more moment.
The other day James told me that he had a almost reached a dream that was close to me,  He said he could've went to play ball oversees, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Which really makes no sense to me, 
There come a time in every man’s life Where he learns about who he is destined to be Some day he will take on a wife As he choose her and she choose he
Everyone talks about what it's like for them How difficult they have it Why the world is unfair to them and why they need to catch a break   I'm not one of those people I'm not poor or rich
I want to learn from the atom,
Do not dry the ocean of my Love.
I've been told, "write what
I've been told, "write what you know" But what if all you know is anger and anxiety and pain and drama and crying into your pillow because all of the available shoulders are occupied?
A girl sits in the classroom
As I look at the doors around me,  I hear a rattling sound coming from one of my belt loops. Then I look to where the sound came from. I saw a key of rings on my belt loop.  
At 12:34am those thoughts start trickling in The world is quiet, no distractions First, a few drops of prose Then, a few analogies get sprinkled in Then all of a sudden, an ocean of ideas pour through my brain
At 12:34am those thoughts start trickling in The world is quiet, no distractions First, a few drops of prose Then, a few analogies get sprinkled in Then all of a sudden, an ocean of ideas pour through my brain
Have you listened lately? Or did you become blinded by what you wanted to hear over what you needed to hear. Selective hearing, I guess? My talent is something God gave me a voice to move the room
  I look at your face And my eyes shed a tear
If I took away the I Maybe people would stop the lie The focus wouldn't be on win
Eyes are restless and heavy  As a brick on the chest cavity sits. My body feels nothing but pure hunger. A hunger for nothing but more slumber.   6:00 a.m Eyes are still restless and heavy 
I See You. So if you say that you see me, can you really...? Can you look past my hips, and beyond my thighs... Behind my eyes and into the depths of my mind..
Darling, Theres a trick to every story: Read the ending so youre not disappointed. Keep your expectations set low But your head held high, Dont let them ever see you cry. Theyre not worth your tears
They Said…   They said, you have to be realistic And just live But what does being realistic mean? Do you know what is real and what is not? If dreams are not real Then, what are they?
Although life may seem unclear  Believe that their is something for you  Consider this a gift yourself  Dream.... Everything is now visable..
Is anyone up there? Tired of wondering where, warn out on wondering how, and never getting a reply. If evil is the problem, who can give us the answer? If God is the ultimate good,
His heart is a spectacular treasure.
My dear Dream! You neither come with comforts nor You let me sleep with comfort. From the day one since I've met you until the time I marry you, I stay obsessed with you,
Life is like having a tick irritating like when you get a prick kinda like getting hit by a brick Sometimes you want to let it go But hold on you might find a glow Walkin throug town you get a little down
I have dreams They mean so much to me  And seems  I can't distinguish from reality    What am I suppose to do ? What am I suppose to say ?
Just a small voice Just a drawing in the dirt It is my aspiration To be loved, to be heard   As surely as the wind blows As surely as a boat sails As surely as moon shines its light
No one told you to see them No one asked you to stare No one cared you spent that moment Wishing they weren’t there   No one believes the scars are true
"Paper has more paitence than people,"a simple saying by Anne Frank that should be an ornate ode.
Similar to, but unlike her father, depression drove her to drink-
Fuck staying in one place too long Your life is your own song Written however you want Many people close to you will try to taunt And even haunt Your dreams and aspirations
The cruel silence lingers in the airJust watching with a malicious smileWatching the poor broken girl sobbing
People think they can define you by the way they see you rather than the way you live Money does make the world go round, literally My parents struggling for the best for me and my brothers
Free my mind from this place
She walks around with a smile on her face But no one sees the struggle it takes The weight that she carries is no simple task
Blustery day of finality Friends held dear to heart, scatter Falling caps Mothers laugh, try to snap a picture  
Sad stories Some here, some there I write them from my soul But no one seems to care All they hear are woeful tales   Brimming eyes with tears I wonder if they feel the pain between the lines
I know what you’re thinking, Here goes another Muslim. Preachin, teachin tryna change the way the world sees them. But I’ll make this quick. I’m NOT a refugee Born in the south next to American Babies
I want so much I work hard for it Yet it seems out of my reach Constantly put down Saying I won't achieve my my dreams  But I believe One day it will happen  One day I'll make it happen
I never thought I would hate the sunset,
You tell them the truth , your secrets. You let them fall right through. Misjudged them as somebody you can trust , then they turn on you , fake people, we donated our lives our pride and secrets.
I used to hate my face. I defined my beauty by how many likes I got on my profile picture Or by how many people said they liked the way I looked. I was so embarrassed by my interests And if people made fun of them,
For a long time I searched For the thing that brought me solace. When I was young I loved to read, And my sister wanted to be an author And being the little sister, Naturally I did too.
I don't write because I can,  Or because I think I'm good at it, Or because I want applause. I write because, next to my lungs, Words are what keep me breathing, And the link between my left hand
Winds carry freedom,whisper countless stress The nightly wreck of stress becoming mess
The job that will change my life is a news reporter. Lights camera action knowing what's happening looking serious with a shocking reaction live infront of a screen with tons of makeup on because I'm ugly
Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Is high school over? Is it off the clock?   Tick Tock, Tick Tock,  I'll be ready for college, To gain more knowledge.  
As children we think life will be easy. When we were young we thought that all the rules would go away, all the pain would cease, school would be out forever, and we thought we would have all the money in the world.
The “America
to be heard or to be seen which is superior? i posit they are the same   What need is there of a voice when hands are quite capable? a language of the hands lives among us
I'm a rich kid, grown in the suburbs, lost then found in life, collected on this never ending circus tour, where is my pride, my faiths contour,   lost as his mother screams,
I'm frightened I feel over whelmed. My panics are black Along with my Scores. My GPA exists bulky, albeit i have to compensate for everything. My banquet. My automobile. My institute.
I'm bouncing around 
You fought a war for almost 23 years
Ever since the age of seven, I've been told I'm gifted, but what does that even mean?-- That I can pass a standardized test with a little more ease that those around me?
I rise like a dead man alive; A walking, talking, breathing, eating Corpse that's trying to revive Its human sense of dignity.   The house is full of mine and theirs, The furniture, the memories.
When does it stop? And where does it begin? Is it how you got there? Or does it only matter that you're here. You've been through the worst, and you've given your best.
I feel like the decades have hitten a rough path.  Seeing people my age or even younger, acting like maniacs.  YOLO, has made things worse.  Really? You didn't know you only live once?
  We wake up every morning because they tell us to. Throwing on clothes they see as proper.
Time passes, Memories are made,  Seasons change, Feelings shift, Friendships evolve, Life goes by quick, Yet ever so slow, Like a snail, Feelings fade, Friendships not as strong,
Will you believe, and see that two plus two can be something other than four?
What a simple thing to ask When I'm screaming crying dying inside to be heard When the world crumbles all around me When the floor drops from beneath my feet
It makes sense that we all be troubled but don't be overwhelmed by your struggle.
It is unfortunate That a nation that once believed in its children Is now built upon the backs of them
The walls are moving. They shift in and out in tight, undiscernible patterns: Quickly, slowly, Scraping your back when you try to turn. They get too small; They become too narrow some ways.
Life is too short to sleep   Nights become extended days As bills pile up and books become your walls Classes fill up your autumn, winter and fall
Poetry! Oh poetry! Roses are red.  I'm feeling kind of blue.  My teacher says,  "Get out your pencil,
I checked my schdeule today Yellow on tuesday You fooled me I believed in us You fooled me! I helped make you first And you made me yellow Yellow on Tuesday  
i put my cap down as i arrive temperture prospered beyond 85   its summer looking for a job   dam  not having one made my momma cry  time showing the change my mind  blaze with rage 
As I wake up I have my towel in hand Brushing my teeth Putting on clothes To go   To school I have a test today Papers due tomorrow I'll study after I go  
each paycheck of mine is soiled with notes and words and organic molecules. every stolen envelope, in my mind, resonates a time of vast
Wrinkled but soft Aged and veiny Her hands have raised us Tonight they stir spaghetti, Hang wet clothes, Wash the dishes. And how beautiful they are.   It’s said to be heaven
Hurrying in to work, late again. The cold still nipping at my nose, The heat of rushing burning in my legs. I try to calm my heartbeat But it’s useless when I see you.   Warmth fills my stomach
Stop, drop, listen, see. Birds sing, sun shines so brightly.... Vivaciously free.
There’s a waiting line at the door…tick!There’s a family of seven, three kids…tick!There’s no more juice...tick!We just ran out of tomato…tick!Kid number two just spilled his soda…tick!
If you wan
When was the day that I felt the heat? Was I lifeguarding on Jackson street? Was I pouring salt on a customers fries? Was I organizing silk sewn ties? Did i ring up that DVD correctly?
I sit in constant worry, wishing on a star. What I will I do that could change my life…forever? Will I make it that far? My mind is conflicted. Anxiety is consuming me.
Most people wake in the day and fight through the struggle. Just to make ends meet to battle with themselves to finish the day.
Work Work W                 O                                 R                                                 K That all you do, But what about me? We are the children of the world,
“Another defeat makes the soul weary,
self inflicted pain I'm pouring salt in my own wounds. Stuck in the past; time doesn't heal after all.   Thoughts in your mind are constantly telling you You're not good enought to weak,
An expert dressed in appropriate attire
What is your job? Is it something you dread? Fear? Hate? It shouldn't be.   What should your job be? Your job should be something you enjoy Love. Anticipate.
I strive and strive to reach the top. Never ever thinking to stop. All I hear is “Go harder, Keep pushing!” and “Be number 1!” But what if number 2 is all I got? They claim words don’t hurt,
My once white skin now a dark tan 10 years old and already working with my hands My mother and father didn’t come from much but we got by with what we had A job Enough to eat and get by on these rags I call clothes
I dream of flying not in the sky, but in the way that a dream soaring far above our heads can lift our feet into the air. I dream of meaning something. Not to myself
I dream it I breathe it I feel it I want to be it Success  
The people squirming Through each other Sprinting Pacing Chuckling Weeping Briefcases in hand Lunging For the office Laptops Cellphones Watches Files
It's Not About Whether Or Not You Like The Choice Of Working A 9-5, It's About The Choice You Have To Make In Order To Provide, Some People Have To Teach Classrooms, Some People Have To Clean Bathrooms.  
Potential is what I see when I look in in the mirror staring at me. Thousands of ways to help the world... But will I be so ever bold? To work one of my destined careers, That helps both of Earth's hemispheres?
Walking down the street Suddenly life changed I thought to myself “I gotta stop being so disengaged, It’s time to take control of my own life, Be the man I want and end my strife”  
You asked me what I wanted.I didn’t know what you wanted to hear,So I looked at other people’s poems.And I realized that what I want is, essentially, the same as themTo be heard.   
  It’s when autumn in its final throes surrenders and one morning you draw in a peculiar breath thick with frigid air that you realize the winter’s made its presence.
This is what I want to say: Thank you. But I have struggled Trying to find the words To make you understand With absolute clarity What you have done for me.   Two months ago,
the beauty of simplicity is an art in itself toes touching the dewy summer morning blades of grass
Money vs Survival
Money vs Survival Another worry versus another worry Seeking money to survive veruses just survivng Slaving away versus Living away Tears of hardship versus Tears of real life.
  Matter under mind
Sometimes life isn’t easy.Sometimes life isn’t fair.Sometimes your dream is givento someone who is “better”.Society’s wrecked, humanity too.Trusting yourself; seems the only thing to do.
Memorizing data to spit back out verbatim That’s not learning Banking our self-worth on a letter That’s not learning Staying up so late that the book get’s blurry and our brain gets fuzzy That’s not learning
                           Why I Try I try for all the people All the ones gazing upon me with zealous thought And all the ones who wonder what the truth had brought   
As the sun goes down our journey starts and our feet begin to wander For hours and hours we hike, and over countless trails we ponder The journey is long and its not easy, its nothing but sweat and blood for miles
From the break of day to nightfall copious passengers: overworked mothers, college students, gang members, important business men, with facial declarations that are impossible to conceal
It's crazy, I know. To think for a second That maybe us students Have a life outside of your classroom. That maybe we don't care about  The information you throw at us for 2 hours.
Hey Ms. Smith, how are you? If you ask me, I'm feeling blue I see the wheels turnin' in your brain Thinking of new ways to cause us pain Our pencils move fast; our hands cramp up
Work, study, sleep, work, study, sleep.   I have no time to finish a rhyme, to busy am I trying to get by With a monstrous load of Composition.    Work, study, sleep
Go to school Become bored   Whine Waste time It is a sign.   What happend to the education?   We learned to memorize. We learned to patronize.
I have come to speak today,in a rather crude way,about the prestigious lifeof a college Sophomore.
Life in the suburbsoff the Hudsonwhere everyone livesin the moment, secondtied up in bowsby cell phone clocksticking as they jointhe everyday paradeof work - with it'sdestination: happiness
At work I am always given the same shifts. Everytime I come in I am given the same responsibilities. When I ask why, why the same, the answer is always the same You are the best at what you do,
Thoughts fluttering my conscience mind as I try to unwind from time spent making seven twenty-five and a dime. How can I be at ease knowing that I have two mouths to feed and no one to take heed to the pain that is felt within. 
He was immersed in the hum-drum of everyday life, his Mondays bleeding into his Tuesdays, just as it had for fifty-five years.   Protected by his shining armor of ignorance, he was untouchable.  
I can't stand it I don't like it It haunts me It follow me Everywhere I go So does work
Let’s take a journey through time:   An unborn nation, Develops from thievery, greed, and opportunistic visions…   Swish, swish, swish… In search for new territory.   Bang, bang, bang…
I walk in Incognito Gliding inbetween unfriendly faces Quickly opening the small door Making my way into the backroom There it is My little piece of magic The crimson smock I wear
  If they don't know your dreams They can't shoot them down. Open your eyes child, those pyros are burning 'round. Emptyed my bowl filled with hopeless immunities.
Don't dread on you past.Live each moment as your last. Don't just lay and sleep.Get up on your feet. They say "all comes to those who wait."Truth is, "all comes to those who get up and work hard for it."
  Life is a control We hold the power over ourselves in our hands But there’s no anytime use power button Although there is that little button some people resort to When they just can’t handle it anymore
Hartford is a storm. Hartford is a rainbow.   Hartford is a concrete rose garden That when the sun washes over the streets They grow.
Universal puppeteer, sink low to leveled eyes;
When you're young you develop dreams, but it's easy to expect a lot and think it'll come easy. In reality those dreams become the little things, and all the hard work causes you to get queasy.  
Wake up every morning, 7 amGrab a weak coffee from the five cup machineGlance at a can of beans in the fridgeWonder how long I can make them last
As we complain about things being unfair, there are families in the US without health care. You may not have gotten what you wanted for your birthday, there are people in Haiti trying to survive after an earthquake.
The INSOLENT hands of the clock are shadily employed by boredom itself Each tick is a moment spent examining the air each tock is the scream of a perishing elf Dormant, idle, indolent, motionless
I step out of the plane Baggage on my right hand A bag of toys on the other. One foot touches the concrete. The hard surface onto the soft soles of my feet.
If today were the last day to live, would you call your enemies and forgive? or would you go to the shelter to give? something simple can express so much our hands together is a simple touch
"Hello, My Name is Amanda." Yes, I work at Dollar General. I would be glad to help But I'm off duty right now. And we're at Wal-Mart. Have a nice day.
Abnormal, poor, weird words I hear daily Growing up poor wasn’t a choice; wishing it was a choice Each day I struggle looking over my should, hearing them laugh, Avoiding the landlord, rents overdue.
Begin wake up at five then take a drive flip a switch and try not to bitch fill the cups with ice then try to smile and be nice take the tips of quarters and dimes
Life is coming at you quick There is no place to turn College is upon you Adult hood is upon you Life - is upon you Those days are gone The days of sitting down at tables French-fries in hand
these hands, subjacent to my heart, brush tears from eyes, push water through space, teach children to swim, feed hungry lost souls, faith, make art, heal wounds, and open doors... for you.
Life is like dominoes, each one has an effect, wherever the first one falls has an influence on the next.
If the heroes of old learned how we kept this place They would rise from the grave and they would spit in our faces The land and the sea is soaked with blood and their tears Maintaining our freedom for hundreds of years
Teachers assign us books to read Most people don't take heed Because we know we won't need The knowledge in them someday
Everything is happening In an unattainable rapid speed I can’t keep up My brain is burning I slam together my eyelids Hoping to slow Everything down Or just make it stop
Going Cyclic Spinning Weaving Dying Spewing Churning Turning Weeping Leaving Sleeping Crying Weeping Crazy.
There's too much pressure To not fail today. School, work, and graduation In May. Going off to college Opening the door Start of a new life Different from before.
People want EVERYTHING you have but fail to realize there was a time you had NOTHING. All they see are the good days that go so well, they always seem to miss the days everything fail.
Expected to act like an adult, but treated like a child Expected to make mistakes, but never fail. Expected to be confident, but in silence. Expected to be happy, but focused.
Senior year I begin, New costs and less money It’s time to step up A new chance to grow, A new chance to learn, The burns and backaches, The stress and headaches. Constrain all my thoughts
Do you hear that shh, listen closely Do you hear that shhh, listen closely Do you hear that sound the sound of a homeless man begging for beer, of children crying because mommy and daddy don't wanna hear
They don’t have much life in their bodies only in their eyes Their bodies sore with daily task Thoughts are thick Putting a heavy weight on their minds Drained out Full of fear and sorrow But in their eyes
His dad always told him “You can do anything Be anything” And he believed him Some days he was a Dancer Director Dentist Or even a Dinosaur But never was he a doctor.
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