You Are The Teacher

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 22:56 -- cha52


Go to school

Become bored



Waste time

It is a sign.


What happend to the education?


We learned to memorize.

We learned to patronize.

We learned to shield our eyes,

From reality.


We learned the road most traveled,

We learned greed, and neglected merit.

We learned how to bulshit an assignment 

and STILL pass.


Who will teach us to think,

Who will teach us how to coexist.

Who will teach us to contribut to society

Rather than further burden it.


Academia has its own placeand is important,

But in life we will travel farther than can be measured by a meter, 

To places where math and science end and judgement takes control.


We cannot wait for a teacher. Time will not wait for a teacher


You are a teacher.

You are your own teacher.



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