All or Nothing, for the Ones who Thrive


Work, study, sleep,

work, study, sleep.


I have no time

to finish a rhyme,

to busy am I

trying to get by

With a monstrous load of Composition. 


Work, study, sleep

work, study, sleep.


why can't you see

that I would far rather be

out on the town

or just fooling around

with those whom I call "friends"?


work, study, sleep,

work, study, sleep.


"it's a dog-eat-dog world, you see"

you turn and say to me,

"This is why

You must try

to learn in such a chaotic pack."


work, study, sleep,

work, study, sleep.


"If you could take your time,

everyone would do fine. 

What would there be to teach?

thus, I must make you reach,

to see who will still be elite."


work, study, sleep,

work, study, sleep.


And so I behold

The chilling cold

concept that children call "school"

Which is in all ways a ghoul,

Where it is an all-or-nothing bloodbath


For the ones who thrive. 


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