Why I try

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 23:47 -- bweezy
                           Why I Try
I try for all the people
All the ones gazing upon me with zealous thought
And all the ones who wonder what the truth had brought 
I try for all the strivers
All the ones with the wishes bigger than dreams
And the ones who know what hard work means
I try for all the poor 
All the ones who can't see there next meal
All the ones who hope their words will heal
I try for all the loners
All the ones who keep quiet but speak up inside
All the ones who grow to be leaders, and work to build their pride
I try for the believers
I try for the achievers
I try for every single person whos love comes In liters
I try I try, you may ask why but I try so hard I'll never die.
I try for us and we are split in two
You don't know me 
But I try for YOU!!


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