United States

Money vs Survival

Another worry versus another worry

Seeking money to survive veruses just survivng

Slaving away versus Living away

Tears of hardship versus Tears of real life.

Why must we worry about making enough to survive for just enough

Why don't we just worry about survivng and living off plenty

Why do fathom the idea of slaving away only to live paycheck to paycheck

Why do we cry for something that has no real value at the end of the day

How come we don't take advantage of the land around us, the free trees, free the water, and the free meat running from plane to plane and field to field. 

All we're doing is working, buying, consuming, and dying. only to be granted a false sense of security, group of politicions waging terrorism on its citizens, and being brainwashed into thinking there is not such thing as living free.

Its a piece of paper vs real life. 


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