"They're TRYING IT" ... A Poem written by Big Virge 5/8/2005


United Kingdom

They're ... TRYING IT ...
They're Playing TRICKS ... !!!

They're Doing Things To Make Me QUIT ... !!!

"Your role will change,we'll re-arrange,
your work schedule, and change your day !"

These Are Things The LIARS Say ...

LIARS In Todays' Workplace ...

Those Who LIE For ... "cowardly types" ... !!!

Those Who Wear NICE Corporate Ties ... !!!

Now Things Are ... "TIGHT" ...
Their Plan Takes FLIGHT .......................

"Lets get rid of some troublesome guys !
What we need are YES MEN types, and of course let's have more whites !
Let's remove, those dark skin types, clever ones, who've got some fight !
Turn the screws, let colleagues loose, even let some give abuse !"

They Should REALLY Be MORE.......................... "shrewd" .............
Before They're ON YES Channel Four NEWS ... !!!!!!

Cos' My Patience Has RUN OUT.

This Is REAL ...
There Is NO DOUBT ... !!!

"Managers have gone down south,
because Big Virge has left a rout !
Punching many, in the mouth !
That young man, sure has some clout !"

This Is ALL Because of THIS ...

DIRTY Games And Subtle Tricks ...
Just To Put Me ... "In A Fix" ...

"Virgil, you'll start at 8.30 !"


"Come on Virgil, don't get shirty !"

"CHECK my terms of employment !
I think you'll find that it's been signed ?
Right down there, on the dotted line !"

"Well, I can't say too much on that ?"

"It's cool, I know you want me out !
Don't try to defend ! My working here is near an end !"

"It's a job i've got to do !"

"Yeah OK, you stupid fool !
Those above are using you, to do the deed,
that they know they can't do !
Push me out, without virtue !
I'll be looking, BELIEVE ME !
Can I have my old CV ?"

"Sorry, but we didn't keep,
a copy of your old CV !"

"You are kidding me !
You don't hold a copy of my CV ?"

"The system then, was pretty bad,
CV's had, strange locations ?"

"You should be locked in prison !
Things like that, have no defence !"

"It is NOT personnel's duty,
to take care of ANYONE's CV !"

"Whatever, are you done with me !"

"NO Virgil, you're not happy !"

"What do you expect when you're messing with me !
Hours i've done, have proved loyalty !
You don't give a damn about things I need !
You people are a really sick breed !
All you do is live for greed, and to USE, people like me !
Power Trips, and THEIR Money !
YES You fool, can't you see ?
The cash you make, compared to theirs,
Those who have controlling shares !
Keep on doing what you do !
One day it, just might be YOU ?
Facing someone, pulling stunts,
who will stress you, just for fun !"

Why be SO THICK Can't You SEE ... ?!?

" They're TRYING IT ... "

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