The Gift of Appreciation


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Senior year I begin,
New costs and less money
It’s time to step up
A new chance to grow,
A new chance to learn,
The burns and backaches,
The stress and headaches.
Constrain all my thoughts
Put up with complains.
Ask questions and learn,
Remember to smile and never be rude.
Follow the rules; keep one thing in mind
Despite all that comes “the customer is always right”
Remember no arguing and always keep smiling.
New friends and frustrations
Less free time, less sleep time.
Wake up in the morning get ready for work.
Although I complain
When the paychecks arrive,
It’s all worth my time.
Appreciate what I have
Only buy what I need,
Since working has taught me
That money doesn't grow on trees.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

your title itself grabbed my attention

your poem does a great in reflecting all you have to deal with

despite of it all, you are the bigger person and understand the big picture

one of the wisest lessons is appreciate what you have because it can be at any time

great job

keep writing and build more ideas to more poems as you write


It makes sense,

this shows you with a straight forward message,

you don't have to pick it apart to see it shine through,

it tells of your feelings,


it's good, so

keep writing on bro.


Very simplistic. I like your poem.

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