I Comprehend Life... A Lot

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 01:15 -- Hoko83


Life is something i find myself thinking,

yet i don't have much of an inkling,

of what i might really be thinking.

My thoughts sway and shift,

dwell and jump,

yet never stop.

Life is a universe,

constantly expanding,

where things are endless,

where thoughts are until infinity,

where they expand horizons,

yet never halt, stop, or freeze.

They are beyond the comprenhension of a man,

yet small,

sometimes inconvenient,



What is life?

I am life?

You are life?


Life is life.

I cannot think to comprehend these thoughts, 

so what this means is that I have reached a conclusion.

A conclusion that I always reach.

The longest conclusion I will ever reach,

the  only one to be reached:




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